Oct 13, 2010

Stolen Moments

When autumn art shows and holiday season preparations start to pick up steam, I find myself spending less creative time. I think that is a major part of why this season can be so exhausting, and this year I am determined to carve out time to reflect, observe, and photograph.

This morning I stole a few moments away from my accounting tasks to play with my newest photographic toy, my smart phone. I didn't intend or expect the camera function to affect me much - I just needed internet access to keep tabs on my shop and other business concerns. But this morning I started to play, and let me tell you, this camera has some fun possibilities.

Three Cousins

I've even entered a little contest sponsored by the Camera ZOOM FX App which I used to take the above photograph. If you like it, will you take a moment to vote for my photograph?

Some of the other images I took with this app today didn't fit the contest theme, but I enjoy them nonetheless:

Memories of Old Lace

Autumn Fire

Have you used your phone camera to take any photographs lately? I love that it's always on hand, one of the key ingredients of getting a good photograph. :-)

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  1. Dear Diana, your photos are really gorgeous! You have such a beautiful space here and im so happy i came by to visit you from BYW. Have a lovely merry happy weekend and love to you!


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