Mar 3, 2009


I had such "exciting" plans today - a meeting with a fellow Arts in RI member, a doctor's appointment, a trip to the UPS store... Unfortunately these plans were not fulfilled, once I discovered my car wouldn't start. At first, I admit, I was pretty irritated. But then I realized I had a free day to work on whatever I wanted to around the house.

So, I listened to a new audiobook I'd downloaded through my local library, and worked on cleaning and organizing my new photo workspace in the basement. I even had time to decorate it, a little. Someday the concrete will be painted and I'll have some real walls, but for now I'm happy with the light coming through my window. (The small print you see by the newly re-potted and dehydrated spider plant is "Bulb" by Michele Maule.)

I decided I needed some more 3-d artwork - perhaps some pieces to display atop my ALEX flat file. I found this toadstool tutorial on LucyKate Crafts, and decided to try my hand at it. Another lovely project to work on while listening to my audiobook!

I had plenty of scrap fabric to use - an old coat of my husband's, a worn out purse... It felt very satisfying, putting these pieces to good use.

I liked how the first came out, and decided to make a second, larger mushroom. This time I took a few minutes to learn the blanket stitch before I began. A definite improvement, though still a little rough around the edges. I especially like how the corduroy imitates mushroom gills.

Visit LucyKate Crafts to learn how to make your own!

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  1. Love the mushrooms! Sorry about your thwarted plans and car!


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