Mar 12, 2006

Lady Audrey's Gallery

I submitted five photos for my first "real" art competition. "Real" meaning that there are prizes involved. :-) The competition is "The Seasons" and it is being hosted by Lady Audrey's Gallery in Connecticut. I'm happy to find that all five were prequalified and are now up on the gallery website, the link is above. (They are for sale through the gallery as well.) I found out about the contest through Arts Opportunities and was motivated to go out and take some new photos to fit the contest category. It was such a refreshing moment. I normally shoot almost every day, but the tail end of winter has really been uninspiring for a few weeks. It felt fantastic to get out there to a State Management Area and I was lucky enough to catch some really amazing light in the stormy sky and get to see some migrating waterfowl. There's my environmental science side shining through. It was just the boost I needed. I'm looking forward to the approaching Spring!

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  1. I'm so proud of you! Your pictures are amazing and it is so great to see them posted on the gallery's website. If you don't win I will be pissed! :o) Congratulations!


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