Mar 23, 2006

The Latest

Soon I will no longer be jobless. That's right, back to the daily grind. In all likelihood I will be working as a seasonal employee for the State of Connecticut starting next week. I've got mixed feelings about that. I'll be glad to have an interesting job, and I'll definately be glad to be making money again, but I will miss having so much time to spend on photography. I still plan to continue my addiction and do something photography-related every day, but I just won't be able to spend ALL day every day on it. I'm planning on working part time, four days a week, so at least I'll have Fridays to devote to the artistic cause.

Today's artistic cause included making a big mess with oil and water and food coloring and oil paint, with some interesting results. Here's one that's almost good enough to make it onto the website - it's just got a little blur on the top orb. I'll probably reshoot to get a crisper version. I like it - it's odd and round and abstract and my favorite color is blue!

In other photographic news, I've got an auction up on eBay for Gnarled. We'll see how that goes, hopefully it'll get me some more exposure, no pun intended. I've also revamped the website a bit - mostly organizing the gallery a bit better and also making the shop a little neater. As always, let me know if you have suggestions.

Hubby will be back soon with new job celebratory wine and pizza, so adios for now! Happy browsing.

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  1. The tree in Gnarled kinda looks like the tattoo I have on my back, cool!!


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