Apr 30, 2006


What a gorgeous day it was today. The trees are all getting so green and the flowers are showing their colors. My husband and I worked in the garden today, planting annuals and getting our container garden ready for veggies and herbs. Then, as a reward, I took photos in my garden and in a nearby park.

I decided yesterday to look into selling notecards at some local shops as another photographic outlet. My very rudimentary plan is to work up a portfolio of images similar to the new "Spring" and "Spring II" images in the experimental section of my gallery, and use those as the notecard images. I think it would be a neat way of showing my work in my local area. What do you think? Worth a shot? If it ends up being a success I may start selling stationary packages through the website as well. So we'll see. Another good project to work on and it will be an interesting challenge coming up with enough of the composite floral images to produce a good spread of notecards. I like having a specific goal these days; with "real" work taking up so much time and energy it's tough to keep momentum. It'll give me an excellent excuse to spend time in my garden, as well.

Other news of the moment is that my husband and I have started talking again about our plans for moving in early fall. We're still pretty excited about the idea of having an "adventure" for a couple of years and seeing a different part of the country. Right now Colorado seems like the strongest contender, but we shall see as time progresses. I'm anxious to find out where we'll be and learn about the landscape and community. I might go back to get my Master's Degree after we move, so there's another reason I'm getting a bit antsy about knowing where we'll be. The fun and excitement outweighs the anxiety, of course!

And now, back to the photo-editing. Have a wonderful and peaceful night, everyone!

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