Apr 27, 2006


I've finally pulled out of the slight photo slump I've been in since starting my new job. It's been pretty crazy adjusting to a new (earlier) schedule, figuring out transportation, studying for exams, and working on my paper for class. Honestly though, I shouldn't have let that stop me. It was so refreshing to get out there and just take a few pictures.

My new-found motivation is in part due to a friend at work who is interested in getting a Nikon D50. She was a little intimidated by all the bells and whistles that come with a digital SLR, so I brought in my D70 for her to try out. During our afternoon break we went out to the park across the street and I showed her the basics and we both snapped a couple of quick shots, more learning examples than art. But it was enough to get me jump started. I took the camera back out when I got home and tried to document the current stage of Spring that exists in my yard. Didn't have much of a time window, as the sun was setting, but it was great. I'm looking forward to my day off tomorrow so I can get out there and really get some photography in.

Anyway, I'm downloading the photos now, maybe some of them will find there way onto the site, so check back soon!

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