May 21, 2006

Happy Graduation!

We went to my friend Marilee's graduation party tonight and had a nice time. We've been slackers at keeping in touch, so it was good to see her again and meet her brandy new fiance! Anyway, she told me she might be interested in a sepia or jewel-toned photograph. So, that, combined with watching a DVD on the history of photography, made me want to play around with some of the photos I have (like I need an excuse) and try and come up with one that looked good in sepia. Anyway, here's the result of tonight's work:

I'd really like to spend some time this week indoors (unless of course we get lucky and it stops raining) taking "studio" shots and maybe getting my husband to pose for me. I really have little experience with portait photography, but I'd like to get better. I think the kinds of things you need to be careful with for portraits, like lighting and positioning of the person, etc., would be pretty applicable to taking more still life studio shots. Plus I'm planning to take pregnancy portraits for my sister and brother-in-law, so it would be good practice. We shall see!

Hope you all had a great weekend!

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