Jun 23, 2006

New Site Feature

In addition to uploading two new photos today, I set up a guestbook for D. S. Brennan Photography. Sign it here, if you'd like. Unforunately the fact that it's provided for free through my ISP means that I can't format the actual book itself, but it's not too hideous!

Not much other news to speak of. I stumbled across a fellow photographer's work today in Putnam, CT at a community craft store. Unfortunately I can't recall the name of the shop. The photographer, however, is Nikki Sullivan and she had some pretty nice stuff available. Check out her website.

Other than that, I'm somewhat impatiently waiting for one of my college cronies to find out if he's been accepted into a PhD program in New Zealand! If he's accepted and he and his girlfriend move there we might not be able to resist coming too. I'm sure there are lots of photo ops there!

Thunderstorms are starting to come through, so I'm going to sign off.

Have a wonderful night all!

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