Jun 30, 2006

"The Seasons"

Hi all, I met the owner of Lady Audrey's Art Gallery today for lunch and we had a lovely time. A while back I submitted 5 images for her "The Seasons" competition. Well, I found out today that two of them have made it into the final round of the competition. I'm waiting to hear details about what that means, exactly, and I'll pass them along as I get them. I do know that there will be a gallery exhibition in September at a gallery in Wilton, CT. Again, as I find out details I'll pass them on. I'm quite excited about my first "real" gallery show.

In other news, my husband and I watched "Born into Brothels" today - it was a very moving documentary about kids living in brothels in Calcutta, India and a photographer who took them under her wing and tried to improve their life by teaching them photography and helping to get them into schools and a better life. There's now a charity called "Kids With Cameras" that continues this mission with kids who need help in locations all over the world. Check it out, I think it's worth supporting.

And finally, two new photos posted today in the Black & White Gallery. This one, in particular, is a new favorite of mine. Enjoy!

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