Nov 14, 2006

Photo Assignment #5

I'm sad to say that I did have to skip some other suggestions - waiting for some free daylight time, but I did enjoy working on some suggestions from Shareen (sassypants123) and my sister-in-law Jeannie!

Shareen also was into the reflection idea, and rather than take the easy way out and have one photo for both reflection challenges, I took another picture. I know, I know, I'm sooooo great. :-P

"I love pictures of reflections- in a mirror, in water, in a shiny tabletop, anywhere."

I chose to use a metal bowl as my reflective surface. In post-processing I used the fairly common technique of combining different exposures of the same subject to get a richer tonal range. Now that I have a remote shutter release (thanks Mom & Dad!) I can actually use this technique (the photos have to be perfectly aligned, even pressing the shutter button can throw it off). I think the reflections of the flower petals in this shot have a particularly "organic" feel to them, like they're kind of going off and doing their own artistic thing.

Jeannie's first challenge was "a cool label from an item in your pantry of fridge". This one ended up being all about the color balance and post processing techniques used to get some really rich color, more than about composition. I wanted to focus on the label, and not the item itself, so not a lot of interesting shadow details or anything. It was interesting, and much different than my usual photographic method. Now I'm hungry for Indian desserts!

And finally for this evening, Jeannie's second suggestion "an object from your childhood that you've held onto". My object of choice was my favorite doll that I've had FOREVER - baby blue. He's so darn cute! I tried to take the photo as a portrait of the doll, as if he was a real person. He kinda is to me, I guess.

Enjoy! I should have more up tomorrow.

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