Nov 17, 2006

Photo Assignment #7

I had a fabulous time photo-taking today and managed to crank out four assignments! Great ideas to work on, as always.

Firstly, an idea from sethsgal05 - "the bare branches of trees"

I liked the simplicity of this one and the soothing, calming colors. If you look closely, there's a kite string tangled up in there, too, as a little detail:

Next, two of Reebs_RI's ideas - she gave me a great excuse to go to the zoo! "Roger Williams Zoo would also lend itself to some awesome pics."

This might sound odd, but I really liked the zebra butts. Photogenically speaking, of course - neat patterns and all. But the one I chose to post here was of the flamingos, gotta love the semi-abstractness :-)

Next up from Reebs_RI - "the park just outside the zoo gates - well you could go nuts." You can and I totally did! Very hard to decide but I ended up going with this simple photo of lamposts behind the Casino:

And finally for this evening, an idea from my best friend Amber "taking pictures of things from below." I meant to do this one indoors during an evening, but the lighting didn't pan out and there aren't many interesting undersides of things around my house. So, this one is of the gazebo behind the Casino at Roger Williams Park, straight up (now tell me...)!

Hope you enjoy. I am very tired (thus the poor jokes) and am off to bed!


  1. Anonymous11/19/2006

    Hello! I must say taht I am truly impressed by your photography. Thank you for sharing it! Julia Boyce

  2. Thanks so much Julia. And thanks also for your challenge!


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