Dec 7, 2006

Photo Assignment #11

Things are getting a bit hectic with the holidays and a couple of photo jobs coming up, but I did manage to get at least one person's assignment done today! I actually took photos for a few assignments but don't have the time to go through all of them this evening, which means more will be up tomorrow!

For tonight, I'm featuring my friend Keith: "Take a picture of your morning and evening; like, one image which sums it up (well, one for morning; one evening)."

It took me a while to figure out something for the morning, because most of my work-day mornings are spent stumbling around, showering, and getting dressed. Aside from trying to keep things G-rated, I wouldn't say either of those things "define" my morning. Then it hit me, the perfect summation of my morning - not wanting to get out of bed...

As for my evenings, I can almost always be found behind the camera or in front of the computer screen working on photos. Since it's impossible for me to take a picture of me taking a picture (I only have the one camera, ya see), I opted for the computer route. It's sad but true, working or playing on the computer does sort of define my evenings. At least I enjoy it!

You'll notice my morning picture is in black and white, and that my evening picture is in color. This is pretty representative of my brain power at those respective times - I am at my most alert and creative in the evening, and at my foggiest in the morning :-)



  1. Di,
    I REALLY enjoyed your blog.
    Here's my challenge: a photo or your husband's hands hanging an ornament on the Christmas tree.

    Also, a photo of the tree from the bottom up.


  2. Hi Di-
    How about taking an uninteresting square foot of forest and trying to take the most interesting picture you can of it. It has to be a square foot you would usually pass by and not see.



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