Dec 10, 2006

Assignment #12

Well, I said I'd have new assignment photos posted this past Friday but wasn't able to deliver - sorry about that! We were at a wedding this weekend and had a marvelous time but the assignment schedule suffered as a result.

But, as "they" say, better late than never! So here is my friend Matt's photography challenge - "taking pictures of regular, everyday objects... but covered in leaves... like mailboxes, or street signs, or maybe even a small car?"

I unfortunately didn't get to his challenge until after most of the leaves had been blown away or cleaned up, so there were no leaf-covered mailboxes, street signs, or small vehicles. There were several steps of stairs at Roger Williams Park that were covered in leafy drifts, so I hope they make an acceptable substitute! I kinda like the interplay between the cold hard concrete and the fluffier, warmer piles of leaves.


  1. I really like this one. I like the contrast between the blue-greenish color of the steps and the orangeyish color of the leaves. It's really nice.

  2. thankee :-) you're really nice


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