Apr 11, 2007


The weather in New England has been very strange this year. The winter was unnervingly warm, and so far this spring has been quite cool. Spring has started, however, and it's refreshing to see the sprouting flowers and to hear the spring peepers singing. I'm definitely ready for spring. My interest in the geometric and stark scenes of winter has waned, and I'm looking forward to the organic and vibrant photographic subjects to be found in the months ahead. Seasons are nice like that, just when you're starting to get bored with them, they change.

I'm also excited about trying out my new infrared filter some more. I did manage a few shots during the winter, but green things were hard to come by. There are other dramatic effects you can get with an infrared filter besides altering how growing things look, but since I'm just starting out I want to begin with the basics. For a rough example, here's a shot I took this winter using the infrared filter:

You can see how the green looks white and the blue sky looks much darker than "normal". It's a fun tool. I'm looking forward to getting some more experience with it, and hopefully coming up with some really interesting shots!

In the meantime, I'm keeping myself busy getting ready for my upcoming exhibit at One Yoga Center! Hope to see many of you there!

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