Jul 2, 2007

Brief Update

I've been neglecting my photography website as of late, with the worthy excuse that we're closing on our house in 4 days!

Whew! *Stress*

I did, however, want to give you all an update on what's in the works:

- I've submitted 3 pieces for the SAVE OCEAN exhibition in Narragansett, RI. I really wanted to be involved with this show, despite the limited time I had to prepare, because I thought it was a fantastic opportunity to blend my two careers - environmental science and photography. For more details, check out the One Way Gallery website. I haven't heard yet if my images made it into the show, but I'm hoping to know in the next couple of days.

[EDIT] I just got an email regarding the SAVE OCEAN show (as soon as I finished writing this blog entry, go figure):

"We received numerous submissions from around the country. The caliber
of the work was very impressive, making the process of narrowing down
the work difficult for our staff. We appreciate every applicant and
their desire to be part of an event that will bring awareness to an
important issue.

The Oneway Gallery would like to congratulate you, Diana Brennan, on
the acceptance of 3 of your submissions."



Opening JULY 13 @ Oneway Gallery, Narragansett, RI.
A benefit exhibition for the Waterkeeper Alliance featuring Magmo The Destroyer’s “OCEAN LIFE SERIES

Opening Reception: July 13th Friday 2007 7pm - 10pm

*There will be exclusive SAVE OCEAN beach bags filled with summer goodies that will be on sale during the opening with 100% proceeds benifitting the Waterkeeper Alliance.

- Months ago I submitted an application for the first Robert & Margaret MacColl Johnson Fellowship to be given to visual artists. This program offers up to three $25K fellowships per year, and rotates between composers, writers, and visual artists. I assumed I was out of the running back in April when my application status did not get updated. However, there was apparently some sort of glitch with the website, because now my application status is updated. I emailed asking about the schedule, and I was told that I would find out in late July if I'd made the cut or not. Talk about suspense!

- Finally, on a more personal note, I cannot wait to get into our new house and set up a "real", permanent home studio!

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