Oct 18, 2007


Fall is a time for changes - the leaves are turning, students are going back to school...

Some changes are afoot here at D.S. Brennan Photography, too. I've decided to put my portrait work on hiatus while I focus on art photography. Art photography is my true passion. I enjoy taking portraits, but doing so doesn't give me the same feeling of balance and satisfaction as art photography does. And with so little time in life, I need to focus on the things I love to do.

On that note, I've started some new experiments, and here is the first glimpse of what may turn into a series. It feels very Halloween appropriate to me. It's titled "The Forest People".

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  1. Anonymous10/25/2007

    Hi my Diana,
    I just love that photo. It is so cute.
    Denise Cotnoir


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