Dec 20, 2007

A Snowy Day

Today would have been a perfect day to stay home, drink cocoa, and listen to a Winter Solstice album or two. Unfortunately, I had a bunch of errands to run and a house to clean before one of my last portrait appointments. (I'm pretty much phasing out portraits in order to focus on my art photography.)

It was a good photo day, despite the time I needed to spend on other pursuits. I was able to read some of The Tao of Photography while sitting in a waiting room. It's an interesting read, and an inspiring one. While waiting for my clients to arrive, I had time to take some photos of the flowers my wonderful husband surprised me with last week. And on the way home from the last errand of the day, I stopped for some quick night photography of an iconic local church.

So, all and all, I'd call today a success.

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  1. Gorgeous work (as always), Diana! I love looking at your page :-)

    Thanks again for the hint on the map. I just found this website tonight actually: - the option on the left provides a live feed of visitors which is kind of neat!

    Enjoy your holidays!


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