Feb 15, 2008

Pinhole Madness

I have not been good about updating for the past few days, and unfortunately don't have enough new photos to make up all of the past days I've missed. However, my lack of actual new photographs is in part due to experimentation with a new technique. I made myself a digital pinhole camera. Sounds fancy, but is really easy. Instead of a lens on my DSLR, I simply put a cap over where the lens would go with tiny tiny hole in it. Here's a preliminary result. I'm working on getting just the right sized pinhole for maximum sharpness without getting too small and causing distortion. The process involves a lot of tiny needles, aluminum foil, electrical tape, and a minor backache. But it's fun! I can't wait for the sun to come back up so I can play some more! (Tiny pinhole needs lots of light to make an image) You can make an even simpler pinhole camera with a matchbox and a roll of film, but then you have to develop the film :-)

365 Days...

Day 36 & 37 - Trees & Fading Bouquet

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