Jun 28, 2008

Shiny New Product!

Well, it's time for the unveiling... I've got a new super duper cool product available - Photo Wall Decals! To see more details, check out the Etsy listing. And please let me know which of my images you'd like to see as Wall Decals!

The perfect solution for apartments, dorm rooms, or walls that you just don't want to put a hole in... Stickable (and re-stickable) art! Changed your mind about where you want to display your art? Just peel it off and move it elsewhere. I've been having far too much fun moving my test piece around - it's constantly popping up in a new location... almost as if this little bird keeps flying about the house.

These wall decals are simple to install - a few guidelines:

- Make sure the surface is clean before applying. In my enthusiasm I put my test piece up before doing this, and now there is dust stuck to it. Which is fine on a wall, but on a window or mirror the dust shows up a little more.

- Once your surface is clean, simply peel the decal from the backing, stick it on, and gently scrape the wooden applicator (included) along the surface to remove air bubbles.

- Sit back and enjoy!

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  1. That is SO AWESOME!!!!! I want them all!


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