Jul 26, 2008

I'm an Explorer of the World

I am so excited and honored to be a part of this post by Renee Garner, the Petals & Pedals guest blogger on Modish. Do read it, it's truly inspirational. She challenges her audience to "Find the curiosity you had in your childhood, and embrace the ever-loving crap out of it."

This is something I've always been motivated to do - I love to learn, I love the environment around me, I love cool bugs... Apparently I'm succeeding in sharing this passion through my photography, which is, honestly, my number one goal. Renee challenges her readers to reconnect to their space and place, and then proceeds to suggest my work as a source of inspiration. Wow. My heart is soaring.

"Diana Brennan... uses her camera much as a scientist uses a magnifying glass or microscope. Her work celebrates secret gardens and the most miniscule of natural surprises. Even her figurative work captures elegant moments interacting with nature." - Renee Garner

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