Jul 15, 2008


Photographs of just a small portion of the insect collection at the Museum of Natural History. Some may think insects are creepy - but I think they're beautiful too! Just think of the care it took to preserve these specimens and keep them in good condition over 100 years later!

Dr. P's collection

How He Spent His Summer

Call in the Cavalry (Through the Viewfinder)

Beautiful Bugs

Lacy Wings

(Photographs taken courtesy of the Museum of Natural History and Planetarium, Roger Williams Park, Providence, RI.)


  1. the butterfly collector7/27/2008

    these are beautiful! I used to work at a Museum and spent all my lunch breaks peering into trays of bugs, beetles and butterflys!!!
    P.S Your link on my blog works now, oops and love your etsy shop!

  2. Thanks! I appreciate your kind words, and the link!


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