Aug 19, 2008

whaddya do today?

7:30 am - wake up, shower, take in laundry, clean bathroom in preparation for insulation guys, who should be here between 8 & 9

8:00 am - drink my hubby's fantastic freshly home-roasted coffee, complete the morning routine of checking email, checking up on Etsy, Trunkt, and Arts in RI... read my daily online comics (what will happen with the FBOFW wedding?)

9:00 am - get a call from insulation guys, they're running late. start re-writing the press release for the Arts in RI booth at the Pawtucket Art Festival

10:00 am - insulation guys finally show up. the attic access is about 2 feet from my desk. i finish typing up the press release, print it out, and bring it to the living room to review.

11:30 am - oops, forgot to eat breakfast! have brunch of olives, naan, and homemade hummus. must try making beetroot hummus next time.

12:00 pm - worked on various projects, from framing small prints to getting out Etsy orders.

3:30 pm - walked down to the post office to send off some baked goodies for an exchange, and to send off the Etsy orders. stopped on the way home to chat with my neighbors, who own the pizza place next to the post office.

4:30 pm - popped on a Black Keys album and vegged out for a bit. must decide what to do for dinner - salad sounds good.

"Take a step before running
Take a breath now before you die"

6:00pm - hopefully hubby will be home to have dinner with, and maybe sneak in an episode of Robin Hood, Season 2

7:00 pm - i'll be leaving for my Arts in RI monthly meeting...

9:00pm - back home for the online chat meeting for Photographers of Etsy

10:00pm - optimistically, i'll be snuggled in bed with the hubby, listening to the audiobook "1491"!

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