Sep 23, 2008

I Heart You, Reader!

As you may realize by now, I adore the blog decor8, authored by Holly Becker. Today Holly posted a lovely tribute to a special reader of hers, and challenged fellow bloggers to do the same! I'm going to accept this challenge and say a big thank you to my friend and fellow nestie, Robin of "Made with love".

Now, before I begin I have to say that I truly appreciate all of my readers - starting my photography business has been a real challenge and your comments often give me a much needed boost on a tough day. Many of you know me personally, and your support has meant a lot to me! So, thanks to you all!

I've chosen to give a shout-out to Robin in part because she is a fellow blogger. Her cooking blog, "Made with love" is a joy to read and an inspiration in the kitchen. Run over and take a look!

Do you have a favorite blog you'd like to share? Or maybe you're a blogger and would like to post your own thank you? Feel free to leave a comment and let me know!


  1. This is REALLY nice, I enjoyed reading it and felt happy that you gave a virtual hug of your own to someone special today. :)


  2. I just found you through funky finds. I love your photography and I was happy to find out you're a fellow Rhode Islander. Well, I guess I'm an expatriate but I lived in RI until I was 30.

    Is the yellow ranunculus picture for sale? I love it but I didn't see it in the etsy shop.

  3. Sweet Diana,
    So lovely of you to feature one of your own readers and thank you for visiting me over on ML yesterday. I was so happy to have you visit. I am a huge fan of your photography and am off to check out your lovely reader's blog as well!


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