Sep 18, 2008

The Photography Files

I've been thinking back to photography class and how my teacher would use the work of famous photographers to teach us about various techniques and effects. I'd love to share some examples of work from famous and historic photographers with you, in the hopes of educating and inspiring you! My plan is to make this a weekly or bi-weekly feature, "The Photography Files"

First up - Dorothea Lange, known best for her depression-era photographs.

I think it's positively stunning how she captures the desperate need of these migrant workers and children, but also their strength. In the first image, the mother's eyes speak volumes about the hardship she's enduring, but yet her children can still lean on her for comfort. In the second photograph, a child dressed in rags in front of a ramshackle shelter gives us a defiant, almost saucy pose. The third photograph is taken from a low angle, lending the woman height and majesty, but yet her expression and the way she holds her head are heartbreaking.

Dorothea Lange was a truly great portrait/documentary photographers. I admire the way she made strangers comfortable with her, and how she was therefore able to capture truth about them.


  1. Is that middle photo of Lindsey Lohan? :o)

  2. Thank you for sharing her work. I am always inspired by taking time to look at work I admire.


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