Oct 6, 2008

All in a Day's Work!

I've spent a decent portion of my afternoon keywording photos. Why? To get them ready to send over to Farmboy Fine Arts (FBFA). Yup, it's official, I've got my first photo licensing agreement signed and I'm in the process of getting FBFA the images! I've been pretty excited about this for a while, but wanted to keep things quiet in case something fell through.

(from article in FASHION magazine)

FBFA uses the artwork they've licensed to create installation pieces for their clients, often hotels. Their client list includes big names, like Caesar's Palace in Las Vegas, and faraway places, like the Four Seasons in Hong Kong.

So, who knows, maybe by this time next year one of my photographs will be gracing the walls of the newest luxury hotel in Thailand!

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  1. I am so proud of you. It will be so cool if your work ends up across the world in some fancy schmancy hotel! Then we'll have to vacation at that fancy schmancy hotel and take our pictures in front of your pictures! I love you!


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