Oct 14, 2008

My New Toy!!

My new Canon Powershot SX110 arrived today! I impatiently waited for it all morning, and I am psyched that it's here. The hubby and I have been wanting a point and shoot for a while - as much as I love my D70, it can be a bit too much for certain situations.

The macro is fun - I literally bump into things before getting too close for the lens to focus... The image stabilization is helpful for those low light situations... It's great to be able to control aperture and shutter speed even with a point and shoot... But, I am disappointed that it doesn't have drivers for Windows 2000!! Yes, I am still in the dark ages, with Win2000 on my machine. Luckily, the hubby has XP so I used his to download my first few pics. A pretty minor concern, all told. Worst case scenario I'll get a USB card reader.

Playing with macro...

It works with my duaflex, too, though with some quirks. This may spell higher resolution TtV photos in the future! I don't yet have a good macro lens for the D70, so the SX110's macro ability plus it's 9 megapixels will be useful! (The D70 is a 6mp camera - there are also a lot of differences between point and shoot sensors vs. SLR sensors, etc. But I'll leave that to my husband to understand thoroughly!)

I've got a lot more to learn about the camera - I'd like to refine the white balance and test out some of the other functions. I'll let you know how it goes!

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  1. I love my cannon camera, it takes great pics and it's user friendly. I really like that macro shot of the leaf.


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