Oct 20, 2008

Time to Start Raking...

Over the past week, the leaves have really started to come down in our yard. Time to start raking! Frost has been threatening, but hasn't quite happened yet. Maybe tonight. During the next few days we'll pick what's left of our peppers, green tomatoes, and herbs to dry or freeze. We'll bring in the rosemary plant, and mulch the garden beds with straw to protect the root vegetables. But, today, we sat outside in the sun, amidst the fallen leaves, and soaked in the warmth.

Fabric of Autumn

I love this time of year, hopefully I'll learn to love raking as well!


  1. Ethereal image. I'd be interested to learn how it was created.

  2. You can find some details on how it was created here - just scroll down to the end of the post. :-)


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