Oct 7, 2008

To boldly go...where I haven't gone before

Today I began my foray into digital collage. I've been wanting to try collage for a while, and figured a digital version would be more my speed at first. I am only beginning to understand how to bring different elements together to create a cohesive piece. By using digital means, I can experiment without wasting paper, glue, or other materials. I'm sure I'll waste plenty once I feel ready to get my hands dirty!

Here are my results - I do like how this came out, though in future I'd like to get more complex. It's a balance - I tend to have simple sensibilities in art, but I really admire layers of texture as well. I think I'll print this one out on my inkjet, hang it on my inspiration board, and mull over where to go next!

If you're interested in seeing more complex examples of collage art, check out Dollface Design - her work is amazing!

(The orchid photo was taken courtesy of the Museum of Natural History and Planetarium, Roger Williams Park, Providence, RI.)

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  1. awww diana, you are too sweet! thanks so much for the shout out, and i LOVE LOVE LOVE what you created, it's amazing and so in keeping with your style...i think people are going to love this new venture, i definitely see a new line of collage prints in your future, yay! :D
    ps. congrats about the contributing author thing, that sounds AWESOME!


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