Nov 5, 2008

History was Made Today

While this is a photography blog, some topics transcend categories and affect every facet of life here in the United States. This historic election was one such topic. America chose (for the most part) between two parties, both with excellent candidates, and no matter what the outcome, history would be made.

I was touched and moved by the candidates' concession and acceptance speeches, made early this morning. The theme of working together, across party lines, for the good of us all was strong in both speeches. So different than the 2000 and 2004 elections, I watched both speeches with tears of hope running down my cheeks. God Bless America.

McCain's Concession Speech

Obama's Acceptance Speech


  1. How beautifully stated.

  2. I started crying when Obama hit 220 and I knew with California he was definitely going to be our president. And I didn't stop crying until I turned off the tv to go to sleep! I'm so excited and hopeful and can't wait to see where we are headed next.


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