Nov 5, 2008

Hump Day Happiness

What a big day today was. I am grateful for so many things today, it'll be hard to just pick 5! Here goes:

I am grateful for:

1) The privilege and honor of voting.
2) My sweet grandfather's firm opposition to all things racist.
3) Getting to choose between two good candidates, instead of having to pick the lesser of two evils.
4) Waking up to sunshine and the knowledge that history had been made.
5) The enthusiasm and energy of the American people during the whole of this election.

Number 1 on my list felt particularly important after reading this quote in a BBC article:


American elections have shaken me to the core.

I have always thought the Chinese political system is the best in the world, but it is not so.

We are deprived of our sacred rights, rule of law and human rights are trampled upon and to have a democratic system like the one in the USA would be more difficult than reaching the sky.

But we long to achieve freedom and democracy, which is a difficult task for us young people in China. (Sent from a mobile phone to BBC

What are you grateful for today? Please do share!

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