Dec 17, 2008


Alrighty - I promised a quick recap of how the Foundry Show went, so I guess I'll deliver :-)

It was a great experience. The artists are incredibly talented, and wonderful people to boot. The spirit of teamwork, with everyone lending a hand to make the show work, was great. I met some new friends, and got to know some existing friends better.

It was a stressful show, mostly because it was my first year. I learned a lot about what did sell (small items like magnets) and what didn't (my usual sellers - matted prints). So, I spent a lot of the week in-between playing catch-up and making more magnets and little ornaments and the like. Next year, assuming I get into the show again, I'll have a better sense of what to make ahead of time. That will be good.

I did get a few breaks during the show - most memorably, going Christmas tree hunting with my family during the first snowfall of the year. A lovely experience :-)

How is your December going?

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  1. Beautiful shot. You just never know what people will be interested in. Next year it could be completely different. Best wishes for the holidays!


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