Jan 12, 2009

Natural History Museum - the Exhibit

I got to the Natural History Museum early this morning, about an hour before it opened. Today, I was there to photograph the actual exhibit room. Since photography (especially flash photography) is prohibited to the public, I had to get my work done before the public showed up.

It was quiet and peaceful and, frankly, a totally different experience than photographing the collections behind the scenes. Previously, I would choose from the climate-controlled aisles of the storage rooms, and set up a still life scene to shoot. Upstairs in the Victorian Room, the displays were arranged for me, in plexiglass cases. I could not move the specimens to ensure a clean background, and had to work around glare. It was fun though - the display specimens were, generally, more decorative and artistically mounted than those kept in the storage room.

Yellow Warbler 2

Odd Flock

Self Portrait in Bird Case

(Images taken courtesy of the Museum of Natural History and Planetarium, Roger Williams Park, Providence, RI.)

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