Feb 7, 2009

Pottering About

Hello all! I've been a bit out of it lately - nothing like a cold to set back your plans. But I'm feeling better and I'm ready to face my gallery show opening tomorrow evening! I must decide how to dress - any suggestions? I'm torn between a dressier, "arty", hippie-esque cocktail dress and a simpler ensemble of black slacks, a slate gray top, and some of the pretty jewelry pieces I have gotten from artist friends.

On a totally different note - today I picked up my finished pottery pieces! Not sure if you remember me posting earlier about the class I was taking. Most pieces are pretty rough around the edges - after all it was my first class. But some of them came out really well, I think! Here's a glimpse at my favorite (It's a small dish - about 4" in diameter):

And while I'm posting up random tidbits of information... I'm also excited to have 23 hearts so far in my papernstitch store! The seller with the most hearts at the end of the session gets a lovely prize, so I am striving toward that goal. I'm not there yet, but even if I don't "win", I am pleased to know that people are enjoying my work :-)

I hope you are all having a lovely weekend!

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