Mar 18, 2009

Hump Day Happiness

Today's been an... interesting... day. My husband and I are taking the first steps of doing a bathroom remodel and I have been thinking about it waaaaay too much today. Normally I really enjoy home project planning, but I have a serious mental block when it comes to this bathroom. There are so many variables, and even though we're just focusing on one right now (the tub surround), it pretty much affects the whole room. I'm having so much trouble visualizing the different options, even after much surfing for inspiration photos and photoshopping pictures to get a sense of what white tile (instead of the current blue) in the bathroom would look like. Ugh!

Before I give myself an ulcer over this, I'd decided I'd better switch gears! The perfect time to write up a Hump Day Happiness post! Five things that I'm grateful for today are:

1) Having a home to stress about - I'm even blessed with indoor plumbing!
2) Two sunny days in a row!
3) Good books that I can lose myself in
4) My pretty new bird stamp (see my previous post)
5) Really spicy salsa

How about you?

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