Apr 17, 2009

Sometimes I Do Like Pink

Hi all. I'll be heading to New Jersey this weekend to be with family, and I'll be away from an internet connection while there. I'm not 100% sure when I'll be back (this trip has to do with the bad news I mentioned on Wednesday)... I should be home again sometime next week though.

I wanted to leave you all with something bright and cheery. I've mentioned before that one of the perks of being a photographer is buying cut flowers when things aren't blooming outside. You know, for a photo subject... ;-) Well, this Easter I didn't even need to buy my own, my lovely sister-in-law brought some as a hostess gift. She's so thoughtful. Every time I see the flowers I think of her, not only because she gave them, but because they capture a little piece of her personality: bright, cheerful, stylish, and fun.


An added bonus - Heather is hardy in my region, so I can plant it in my yard when we're done enjoying it indoors!

See you all next week - hope you enjoy the weekend!


  1. oh, I always like pink!
    and I am so jealous that you can grow heather outside.

  2. It's hardy to zone 4, apparently - maybe you can squeak by and grow some?

  3. really? we're zone 6, or so they say. I don't really believe with them so I stick with zone 5 plants, and I'm going to order some heather seeds right now!

  4. Yay! I'm in the same boat - on the edge of zone 6 supposedly, but I stick with zone 5 plants. :-) Good luck with the heather seeds - let me know how it turns out!

  5. Sometimes I like pink too!! Nice photo!

  6. I love the pic of the Heather! I did pick it our sssspecially for you, but I have to admit that it was Ryan's idea to bring you flowers :) He's full of good ideas!


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