May 17, 2009

Brimfield Flea Market

Whew! How was everyone's weekend? Saturday we spent 6 hours at the Brimfield Antique Show and you know what? We didn't buy anything. I think we were just in sensory overload mode, as it was our first time there. Quite an experience.

I also took photographs of only one booth, can you believe it? Carried that 15-pound camera bag around for all 6 hours, too. Ah well, one thing at a time. I'm sure if we go next year I'll feel a little more up to multitasking.

Here's the shot - I thought the lilac buffet was interesting. The booth was a mix of French-ish mid-century-ish stuff. I asked for a business card, but the woman had none, nor did she give me a name to post. But, if you want to try and find her next year, I believe she was in the Faxon's Midway area. (Though honestly it was all blurring together at that point.)

Today I had a fun meeting with the Arts in RI gang in the afternoon. When I got home I took some photographs in the garden while my hubby made some delicious Saganaki. Soooo rich. Now I'm off to read for a bit. Keep an eye out for some flower pics tomorrow!

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  1. Oh I was salivating while reading this post! I love love love antique-y flea markets. Like that buffet too.


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