May 23, 2009

Today at the Providence Open Market

Hi all! How's the long weekend going? I spent most of my day at the Providence Open Market, hawking my wares. As always, I met some great people, like the folks from Tina's Jamaican Carribean Restaurant. (I "met" their jerk chicken too - yum!) I was also lucky enough to be across the way from fellow Arts in RI teammate Suzanne Tanner of Tanner Glass - had a great time chatting and it was nice to have someone right there who could keep an eye on the booth while I ran to get a coffee or something.

It was a decent crowd, lots of adorable kids and friendly dogs. After a very wet setup we ended up with a gorgeous day - sunny and high 60s/low 70s. Ahhhh. Of course my feet never did dry out, but oh well. I brought my huge mounted print of "Specimen 652" - he got a lot of attention. All and all, it was a pretty fun day.

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