Jun 11, 2009

Finding my Quiet

Maybe it's the weather, maybe it's been too long since my last vacation... I could blame my funk on any number of things.

But maybe I'll decide not to place blame, but to just step out of the rut. I'll stop wishing and start doing. Here's my new, improved to-do list:

1) Start another round of the 29-Day Giving Challenge.
2) Make time every day to visit the garden. Even if it's raining.
3) Spend time each night reflecting on the joys of the day. Write them down.
4) Don't dwell on regrets or disappointments, small or large. Move on.
5) Meditate or bellydance|Sit still or get moving

{"The quieter you become, the more you can hear." - Baba Ram Dass}


  1. sweet list, Diana.
    I make sure to look...really look at my garden everyday. Even if it's while I wait for my coffee to brew (from inside the kitchen).

  2. There really is something going on, weather or air, whathaveyou, lots of people I know and myself quite in a funk this spring...I am hoping that I will just use up all my funkitude now and rock through the summer :)
    Here's to blue skies and summer days soon upon us.


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