Jul 14, 2009

Home in Rhode Island

Well, as you know I've just returned from a vacation and friends' wedding in Montana. We had such a good time seeing sights and visiting with some of the best people on the face of the earth. It's always hard to leave them, but it is good to be home. It seems we've brought some actual summer weather back with us - two whole days of sunshine and warmth!! So, after spending some time storing away the luggage and travel things, I took a break to give our sideboard a little summer facelift.

Here's what you're seeing: candles in jam jars, big dahlias from the garden, mums to root and replant, a fabric mushroom I just can't get enough of, a terrarium filled with Logee's plants, smooth white stones from Moonstone Beach, vintage gardening/houseplant books, brass quails, and our Phalaenopsis orchid.

And, even though they didn't quite fit in with the dahlia bouquet, I couldn't resist snipping a few of these little beauties and finding them a home in the guest room...

Hope you're enjoying your July!

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