Aug 27, 2009

The System is Down

Have any of you seen Homestar Runner? If so you may recognize the clip that was running through my head as I typed my post title today :-)

So - yeah, my main hard drive is officially toast! Luckily, I had very recently backed up, and was able to salvage the few things I'd worked on in the past week. So that is good news. Unfortunately, it does mean I have to wait to work on the photos I took this past weekend in the Finger Lakes! I am seriously bummed out. Right now I'm working off of my hubby's computer, and he doesn't have the fancy pants photo editing software I use.

Lesson learned? Back up your files OFTEN!

To entertain you while my new hard drive gets shipped or we hack together some temporary solution, I have some very exciting news to share. Today, I was featured on Apartment Therapy!! I'm psyched. Heck, I'm super-psyched!

I'm also pretty amused by the comments people are leaving out there on the "anonymous" interweb. Some are a bit snarky, but I don't mind too much. I don't know if they realize the actual artists read their comments! Most of the comments are either very sweet, or very amusing. This one, I think, is priceless:

"I think the bird is too busy pining for the fjords to worry about being tied to a dowel."

Love it. Two random geek humor moments in one blog post. Can you believe it??

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  1. Being featured in Apartment Therapy is amazing- congrats! I too find the comments hilarious...

    Sorry about your HD, btw, but it's great you were able to get everything off of it. That's what is important!


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