Sep 2, 2009


Is that a word? Well... it is now. I'm feeling fabulous this morning. An early walk in the garden in this crisp air may be at the root of this energy.

Later today I'll be doing the Hump Day Happiness thing, and I've finally hacked together a solution to start editing some backed up photos from my weekend in the Finger Lakes, so expect lots of goodies over the next few days!

For now, I wanted to tell you about a couple of the sweet giveaways I noticed in the blogosphere today:

Papernstitch: Going Camping Giveaway (you know I love camping)

Poppytalk: Tricia McKellar Giveaway (gorgeous photography)

Know of any others to share?


  1. Here is another giveaway over on Jennifer's blog:

    Giveaways are great!

  2. Awesome - thanks Cindy!


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