Oct 6, 2009

I Often Wonder...

I have a question for you, dear readers, about comments. I love, love, love reading them. I often want to reply, but I'm not sure if doing so in the comments section is effective.

So my question is, do you or would you check back to see if I've responded to your comment within the comments section?

I want to make sure you all know how much I appreciate your support and your thoughts, in the best way possible!


  1. I get follow up comments emailed to me if I remember to check the box when posting...But considering I use an RSS feed to read blogs the likely hood that I'd check back to see if there were a response are pretty low. An effective way would be to respond in your next post.

  2. I have wondered the same thing for my blog. Personally I dont check the comments after I leave one. I read and comment on too many blogs to do that. Because of that I try to respond through email personally. If a question is asked that many readers would want to know I answer either in the comments or as a blog post.


Thank you for sharing your thoughts!