Oct 25, 2009

The Weekend's Nearly Over...

...but I'm still cherishing these last few hours. I had a lovely weekend, celebrating my anniversary and my birthday. Saturday was stormy, I spent a lot of time drawing plans for our dream bathroom on Google Sketchup (the things I do for fun), and we snuck out between rainstorms to plant our garlic. Today after church we treated ourselves to an artery-clogging brunch at a local restaurant, spent the afternoon planting flower bulbs, and took a walk in the woods just before sunset so I could photograph during the "magic hour" when the light is best. I have trouble shooting during Fall. It is my favorite season and means so much to me - I've yet to take an image that really captures autumn magic in a true way, at least not to my own satisfaction. And photography is about truth - not necessarily reality - but truth.

At any rate, I checked off another day on my 365 Days in Colour list... one more week of brown!


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