Nov 5, 2009

The Roommate - My Photos are Gonna be Famous!

Yep, it's true. Three of my photographs are going to be in a movie! Specifically, "The Roommate", due to come out in October, 2010.

I've actually known about this news for a while, but I was waiting to find some good stills of the set. I've scoured an internet wasteland of pop culture blogs and fansites trying to find one image of the dorm room. Any creative thoughts on how to find recent set photos from a movie called, generically, "The Roommate"? At this point I'm pretty much giving up on finding them until closer to the release date. Thus, my announcement today! Hooray!

I did find an MTV interview (below) which takes place in the dorm room, but sadly no angle that shows off my prints. I imagine them to be just over Minka Kelly's head, out of frame... or perhaps just to the right of Leighton Meester as she fills us in on the plot line - how her character becomes obsessed with her roommate and bad things ensue.

My photos might not be shown in this particular interview, but you do get a peek at the work of some fellow Etsy artists - can you figure out who??


  1. Congratulations!! Well deserved...your photos are beautiful!
    I may have to see the movie just to see your photos!

  2. Congratulations Diana! I hope you were well paid for them. ;-)

  3. Very exciting, Di!! congrats!!

  4. How very cool! Congratulations!


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