Dec 5, 2009

Miss Me? I've been Keeping Busy

Hi all! Long time no see, right? I've been keeping myself busy as the Foundry Show and Craftland are now in full swing. I thought I'd pop online and give you a glimpse. Here's my booth at the Foundry Show this year...

(One of my favorite pieces - the small black and white mounted photograph in the middle of the wall there - has been sold. Ah, so bittersweet, seeing it go.)

And something lovely I bought for myself from a fellow Foundry artist... a festive holiday banner. I LOVE it. Right now it's at home in our (under construction) kitchen, but it may move, we shall see.

And now I am off to order up more cards and get some gifts wrapped. Never a dull moment!

Hope you're enjoying December!


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  1. Your booth is so cute- looks like fun!

    I really want to do a photography booth at a craft show one day, but I'm not sure about the overhead. If you don't mind, about how much did it cost you to get the displays and also to get all your prints made, mounts, ect.?


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