Feb 10, 2010

Picture This: Living Room 2

That surprise I mentioned a couple of days ago? The one I was keeping you in suspense about? Well it's time to share it... I'm psyched to present this month's "Picture This" with collaborator Michelle Verdugo of Design Evolution!

Michelle Verdugo is an Environmental Scientist with a passion for interior design and styling. When she isn't out slogging through wetlands, Michelle spends her spare time authoring the blog Design Evolution (http://designevolutionblog.com). Design Evolution publishes daily interior decor inspiration; recipes and entertaining ideas; and helpful DIY tutorials with the focus always being the great design can be affordable and accessible to all.

Can you believe I didn't know she was also an Environmental Scientist (I am too) until we did this collaboration!? Small world, people, small world.

Without further ado...

Room Rendering - featuring Still Pond (click to view larger)

Inspiration Board

Click on the inspiration board image above to find sources for the room elements used. Thanks again to Michelle!

If you're interested in collaborating with me for a future "Picture This" post, please contact me. Collaborating could mean designing a room, sending in a photograph of a real room in your home, having your work displayed alongside mine.


  1. This is so cool. I love how you put your inspiration board of furniture together in a room.

  2. Very Cool!
    I love that photograph!


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