Mar 9, 2010

Pondering New Products...

It's a beautiful morning, the birds are singing, I'm sipping some amazing coffee (roasted by my hubby), and I've decided I want to offer more large format prints in my shop. Currently I sell Specimen 652, Albino Blue Jay, and Wise Owl as 30" wide prints. I love how they look, and I want to add to that number, but the question is - what other prints should I make available at that size?

Won't you help me decide? I'm throwing in a giveaway to sweeten the deal - if you comment with your vote on which image you would most like to see as a large format print, you'll be entered to win a 5"x5" (or 5"x7") print of your the image you chose and you'll get a discount code for 25% off a large format print order. Tweet about this poll (and link to the tweet in a comment) and you'll get a second entry.

The contenders:


July Butterflies



Which do you think would look best at 30" wide? Your entry must be received before midnight EST on March 14, 2010 to be eligible for the giveaway. The winner will be chosen randomly by comment number (a random number will be selected using Good luck!


  1. Intrigue!
    Your florals and coastal prints are all my favorites! I'd get any of them blown up larger - ooo but also your forest prints are great too with the earthy greens and mosses!

  2. my vote is for chickadee.. but i have a love of all things birdie. my whole wedding is being done in a lovebird theme :)

  3. I can't decide between Chickadee and July butterflies. If I had to pick, I guess I'd go with Chickadee.

  4. I can just see "July Butterflies" hanging in someone's studio or art room. It's got a lot of detail and would stand up very well to being 30 wide.


Thank you for sharing your thoughts!