Jul 20, 2010

A Creative Kick in the Pants

I recently heard about the Creativity Boot Camp blog via my Twitter friend Natalyn Bradshaw. The camp was officially over by the time I discovered it, but since it's in a blog format, there's no reason not to start at the beginning and work your way through at your own pace.

My varying schedule makes it difficult for me to immerse myself in a challenge like this on a daily basis, though that was the original intent of the Creativity Boot Camp. I plan to work through the journal and word prompts when I have the time to truly immerse myself in them, rather than rushing through them.

The Day 1 word prompt was "Ivory". I sat down and wrote out all of the things that came to mind when I thought of that word - from aged lace to elephant poaching. After letting those associations stew in my brain for a while, I started shooting. I ended up going with the color association. Here's the result, my "Ivory" photograph:

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  1. A lovely image! So glad you were inspired to do this. :)


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