Nov 4, 2010

Lovely Links - Bookcases

Recently, a fellow BYW alum and author of Heartfire At Home posted an invitation to join in a Lovely Links party. This week's theme was bookcases, inspired by her love of books. Since I share this particular passion, I thought I'd play along by digging up a couple of my favorite bookcase photographs from years past. Enjoy! (And maybe even play along?)

My Creative Environment

This bookcase no longer resides in this particular spot in my home, but I still love this image. The light streaming in from the dining room, the colors...

An Heirloom

This gorgeous china cabinet is what replaced the bookcase in the first photo. It originally belonged to my maternal grandparents. When clearing out their house after my grandfather's death, none of us wanted to part with this beautiful piece of furniture, though none of us needed a china cabinet either. We decided to part with it, but at the last minute I changed my mind. I'm so glad I did, because it makes a stunning bookcase, and I'm able to remember my grandparents every time I see or use it.

Do any of your books or bookcases have a story behind them?


  1. Diana, thank you so much for linking up this marvellous post! Not only are you a book lover like me, but I see a really cute owl in that second pic too (I LOVE owls!).

    It's so wonderful to have heirloom pieces of furniture like your gorgeous cabinet that we can treasure and 'feel' the vibe of, isn't it?!

    Your grandparents would love that you feel close to them by sharing your lives with something that belonged to them, and was no doubt treasured by them too.

    Oooh, just had a look at your Etsy shop.... love your woodland and landscape prints, particularly the one called 'The Nest'. I've gotta huge 'thing' for anything related to trees and things that belong in them!!

    Thanks again, it's been wonderful to *meet* you and find your beautiful blog.

    Linda. xx

  2. Anonymous11/05/2010

    You made asmart choice by keeping this cabinet, it's really nice. And I love when there are feelings within pieces of furniture, it may be old and ugly, but if there is love it always shows. My shelves are from Ikea, nothing sentimental, just cheap and practical. And boring.

  3. A BYW friend coming here from Linda's linky party. That heirloom cabinet is simply gorgeous. I love that you used it for books instead of dishes! I see why love that first photo. It makes me feel as though I'm peeking into a home and makes me imagine who lives there. Wonderful shot.


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