Jan 4, 2011

Weekword: Simplicity

This week (and perhaps in subsequent weeks as well), I've decided to participate in a creative photography challenge - Weekword. This week's word is simplicity, and here is my interpretation:

To create the image, I chose a subject that represents one of the simple joys in my everyday life: tea. I then used the Vignette app on my phone to capture a very low-resolution image, rather than opting for the dSLR and a tripod, etc. A simple backdrop of a white table and curtain finishes the look.

If you're interested in playing along, please visit the Silver Linings blog to get the details and sign up!


  1. So Cool! I had tea as an element in 'Simplicity' this week as well. I love the image of that tea bag. It would look great as a poster/framed print for a kitchen or diner! Nice work.

  2. Anonymous1/07/2011

    Lovely photo! I'm a tea-lover too.

    Welcome to weekword!

  3. Tea is a common theme for Weekworders it seems, whether we've posted about it or not.

    I think your waves photo in your previous post is simply fantastic! So glad joined us!

  4. wow! you did that with a phone? cool. I love the mood you've created.

  5. ohhhh... will love having you join us for WEEKWORD... your photos are stunning! I look forward to learning some photo tips from you as well as see the "creative" perspective of another WEEKWORD participant.
    click here to see a tea braid (London) http://silverlinings4me.blogspot.com/2010/07/weekword-braid_29.html

  6. What a gorgeous photograph, and thanks for sharing your technique! Tea is coming one of my new favorite enjoyments, this picture makes me think of the tea leaves in the bag resembling a far off tree filled landscape :) I'm so gld you joined us here in Weekword!

  7. i am a twinings earl grey fan as well!

  8. Love it! Just went back this week to tea from coffee. I forgot how much I loved it. :-)


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